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Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul

And it’s the only thing that I know, know

I swear it will get easier,

Remember that with every piece of you

And it’s the only thing we take with us when we die

We keep this love in this photograph

We made these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

hearts are never broken

And time’s forever frozen still




Mischances, Stances and Stolen Glances


If only you could see what I see

Mirror, Mirror

Memories of yesterday

What boys cant provide

What woman can do

What girls know better

Second chances

The Bodyguard

Does it ever rain in LA?

Along by your side I was flying

I’ll teach you to dance

Room 47

Taking The Long Way



Blue Creek Lodge

First Bite

In my Veins



No More Missed Chances

A spanner in the works, you know

The Journal


The Latte Girl

Forgetting Heather Morris

You know what we need? AUDIOBOOKS.

Uy kilig! Uy kinikilig! 😁 #cookingniananyo

Uy kilig! Uy kinikilig! 😁 #cookingniananyo

Downtime 😁 #bicycle

Downtime 😁

Zoom zoom Zoe. 😍 #loaded #tesseract #longboard #cruise

Hello world! 😁 #cookies

Hello world! 😁 #cookies

😁😳 testing testing! #cookies

😁😳 testing testing! #cookies

"The thing is that people only get hurt—really hurt—when they’re trying to play it safe. That’s when people get injured, when they pull back at the last second because they’re scared. They hurt themselves and other people."
Morgan Matson, Second Chance Summer (via quoted-books)
"A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted ― mostly because I had assumed that there would be a thousand more."
Morgan Matson, Second Chance Summer (via feellng)